Facebook Engagement Tips

Facebook engagement is key to most social programs. Facebook is the largest social network in the US and chances are that your current customers, potential customers and competitors are there already. Just having a profile is not enough though. There are many reasons for this; there are too many reasons to list here in fact. Many businesses use Facebook as a cork board where they share photos and updates about their company. What they miss is the capacity for Facebook engagement. How can you get information back from your audience? How can you turn fans into evangelists and influencers of your brand? Mari Smith and ShortStack designed this infographic. It was recently posted by AllFacebok. Click the image for a larger version.

facebook engagement infographic


These tips are just that, they are tips and suggestions. Ideally, you will customize your engagement based on your audience and what you learn about how they interact. Remember, social media is about conversation. It is an ongoing dialog. Learn your audience and what they like. Understand how they use Facebook and relate to them in a way that is meaningful for them. Facebook engagement is possible and this will help get you closer. Contact us for more assistance. We thrive in this space!