Essential Guide to Google Plus

Martin Shervington has written an extremely valuable guide to Google+ and includes the above video as well. Take 18 minutes to watch this video to get a deep look at how flexible Google+ is. The Google+ adoption rate grew quickly for several key demographics and we highly recommend taking time to play with it. Your corporate posts will gain terrific search exposure and you will find many great communities to interact with. This guide specifically highlights post capabilities within Google+. If you are familiar with Twitter or Facebook posting, you will quickly notice just how much more robust the Google+ offering is. In fact, a recent study showed that +1’s rank higher than facebook shares and re-tweets.

Google+ You can have a brand page or a personal page on Google+. Either way, these tips will be helpful for you. If you have a Google email address or an account with any Google product (including YouTube) you are close to having a Google+ page already. We can help you set this up for you if you like but take a few minutes to check your settings and see what you can make happen!