Email Overload: 2012 Email Stats

The average person spends about 28% of their week managing email. The average CEO gets 200-300 emails PER DAY!! Email overload? We have worked with CEOs who had over 70,000 unread messages in their inbox; it was absolutely costing them business. Email overload and email management is a key conversation we have with clients. We are passionate about managing conversation inside organizations. It is the best way to begin understanding the value of managing external conversations. Consider this, your marketing and PR department is drowning in all those emails as well. How can they then manage all the conversations with customers, fans, influencers and evangelists online? When presenting these stats we are often asked to provide source material. Well the 2012 stats are live! Cue is a useful app that integrates your calendars, contacts and emails. They have crunched a bunch of numbers and have released their findings on 2012’s email overload.

In 2012, the average number of words composed in email was 41,368. That’s the equivalent of a 166 page book. They likened it to Lord of the Flies.

The busiest hour of the day was 11am and the busiest day of the week was Tuesday. This is something that email marketers know well. In any email marketing program this would be confirmed based on your specific audience. However, Tuesday is the first choice.

email stats

When we work with clients who are looking to change their email habits, one of the first things we do is look at how they currently work. Most people we see spend significant time organizing their mail folders upon folders. In the end, they become librarians. This actually makes it harder to find emails. IBM did a study to prove this. Our first recommendation? Read this book: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
by David Allen is the Bible of organization and productivity. If you have read it, let us help you translate it to your email. If you haven’t read it, We can help. Either way, here is a link to a brief presentation we give on email management. Contact us for a pro-bono presentation for you or your staff.

You can read the full stats here and you can download the Cue app here. Let us know if this is in line with your own email experiences.

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