How Blogging Doubled Our Traffic In 1 Month

If you build it, they will come. That may work for baseball ghosts but doesn’t work for everything. Many startups learn this the hard way. They build a shiny new site and expect the world the show up. “We thought it would be viral.” If people don’t know you exist, they can’t get infected.

Our blog is not a high traffic corner of the web. Relative to some other blogs (Huffington Post, Boing Boing, Neatorama, etc), we don’t exist. There is a way to increase traffic and this is something we recommend to all our clients as well:

Post unique content and post often

Two months ago was July which is one of the slowest months for web traffic in general. We only posted once on our blog. In August, we posted 4 times and generated 3 new leads. Here are the results according to Google Analytics:

Traffic increase from blogging

Here are a few specific things tips for your blog:

  1. Gather ideas in a general pool. Create a shared collection of potential topics so you always have ideas available.
  2. Create a writings schedule. If your staff is swamped with other tasks, get them to commit certain time to writing. Even if it is to draft ideas.
  3. Use an editorial calendar. Review all your content across channels to find gaps in your conversations.
  4. Link your posts to past posts.
  5. Use snappy/catchy titles. Think of your titles as ads for the rest of the post. You want to such readers in.
  6. Post often. You can’t write too much.
  7. Post unique content. You will be penalized for copy/pasting posts you find on other sites. You can however write a unique version of a popular article.
  8. Post relevant info. Define your audience and topics. Keep your content in that realm.

Blogging may seem time consuming but you can see the value if you stop even for a week. You will add significant SEO value and stay top of mind with readers.