Digital Skills: Do You Have What it Takes?

Wikibrands created this incredible roadmap for understanding the digital skills necessary for each level of responsibility across the org chart. They outline 11 key digital skills or “areas of digital engagement” then plot them against each job function ranked by priority. The most overlap occurs between Marketers and Ad Agencies. First in Content/Campaigns and second in Outreach/Paid Media. Here are the 11 digital skills:

  1. Content/Campaignsdigital skills
  2. Social media/Networks
  3. Outreach/Paid media
  4. SEO/Search marketing
  5. Community Management
  6. Mobile/Apps
  7. Metrics/Analytics
  8. Org. Integration/Culture
  9. User Experience/Design
  10. CRM/eCommerce/Fundraising
  11. Hosting Platform/Software/Operations

The organization roles are Executive, Marketer, IT, Ad Agency, Web Developer, and PR. Of course we know these roles require different expertise but how? This is a great tool for analyzing who is present and if they are in the right seat. As mentioned in the original article, few people can be experts in all fo the above areas. I would go the extra step and caution you against hiring someone who says they can do all this. There is tremendous upside to having a working understanding of these or at least a topline sense of how they all interact. This will help align your expectations of your staff and their deliverables. Nothing is more painful for your staff than to feel misunderstood, underappreciated or slighted. Via Wikibrands