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A brand identity is the singular expression of your company’s ultimate deliverables.

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It is the unique reason why your target audience should engage in purchase behavior.    A brand identity is the emotional and rationale connection that brings seller and buyer together.

With a relevant brand identity, a company has an operating principle that informs every aspect of the company’s communications, including online, offline, sales and media relationships.  This identity informs product and service development, CRM and market and demographic expansion initiatives.

A brand identity sets the stage for marketing strategies, communication programs and product introductions.    It is the vital tool that supports your sales efforts, both in business development activities and transactional sales settings.

Unique Selling Proposition, known as USP, is the driving force behind a brand.  It answers these questions:

  • What is truly unique about this company’s product or service?
  • What is new or fresh about this company’s offerings that cannot be found elsewhere?
  • Do they know what I am seeking? Do they know how to solve my problem?
  • Will they listen to me?

These questions require extensive research into a company’s competitive set, insights into buyer interests and behavior and knowledge about hoe the target audience accesses information as part of the decision making process.

Many managers ascribe branding to a logo or a web site.  Those elements are expression of a brand, which is a strategic insight into the target audience’s listening.

Of course, companies need logos and web sites. Effective ones are built on powerful underlying messages.

A tagline is a breezy summary of the essence of your brand. It captures the deliverables a company offers with a powerful sroke.   The best are memorable, informative and compelling.

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