How To Boost Productivity With A New Desktop Photo

You work long hours and want to be efficient with your time and energy right? If you’ve read this blog a bunch (thank you) then you know GTD comes up a lot and there are so many more great things we could say about it. This post is related to GTD in a way but it takes the process into another space; your desktop.

Having a lot of icons on your desktop can slow your computer down but more importantly, it slows your mental RAM. Yes that is a term I invented. For your computer, RAM is similar to an attention span. If you have lots of documents and applications open the computer slows down. My concept is that if you have lots of icons on your desktop it will affect your mental process. Think of your computer desktop like a real desktop. How much work could you do if it was full all the time?

Here are some great  desktop photos you can use to help organize your items so they don’t eat up space and your mental RAM:

These can help speed up your work if only by making it easier to find and organize frequently used documents and applications. Hope you like them. If you have other great productivity tips please leave a comment below.