Banana Republic Leverages Twitter IPO

The day had already started out on a high note for social media giant Twitter. Announcing its initial public offering and pricing its shares at $26 on November 26 was an exciting step for the groundbreaking company.

Perhaps you might look at Banana Republic’s next move as poetically—and shrewdly—taking a page out of Twitter’s book. Since the world was already aflutter about Twitter’s step into public status, Banana Republic saw a unique opportunity to grab some of the spotlight. The clothing franchise, whose parent company is the Gap, decided to ask its customers to tweet about why they love Twitter, offering the five top entrants gift certificates for $100 to spend at Banana Republic.

Using the company’s platform, as well as the exciting news as it was trending, Banana Republic cleverly hopped right onto Twitter’s tail feathers to hitch a profitable ride for everyone involved. Having received 400 tweets, Banana Republic took third place behind CNBC, CNNMoney and NYSE Euronext.

The promotion was a huge success for Banana Republic and a great way to help give Twitter even more exposure in light of its debut as a public company. While it wasn’t a risky move for Banana Republic, they were stealing some of Twitter’s thunder on a pretty monumental day for the social media company, but it paid off with seemingly no hard feelings.

Trading under TWTR on the New York Stock Exchange, Twitter and its investors might actually be positive about this clever cross-promotion. While the social media platform is extremely popular among those who are tech-savvy, this type of promotion opens up an even greater breadth of consumer consciousness. All of this might bring Twitter into focus as a viable advertising medium that even more new companies will want to become a part of.

Banana Republic is likely to benefit the most from this successful campaign, so the Gap was smart to tag along for the ride on this story, giving every party a chance to shine and celebrate.


Featured Image Courtesy of Kim Mc