Another Free Book: ROAR

While there is still time to win a copy of Leadership Conversations, our friends as Aveus are offering a copy of  ROAR: Strengthening business performance through speed, predictability, flexibility, and leverage. Partner Chris LaVictoire Mahai wrote a terrific business book and for the next week (till March 1st 2013) you can download the Kindle version through this link. Even if you don’t have a Kindle you can stil read it on an iPad, your computer or other e-reader device.

Roar bookIn ROAR, Chris uses the animal kingdom as a metaphor for increasing results, and introduces characters you will find familiar to those walking the halls of your organization. She features interviews with CEO Richard Davis of U.S. Bank, CEO Steve Milligan of Western Digital Corporation, and executives from Red Mango, the San Diego Zoo and others to explore what drives peak performance against the customer need an organization has chosen to solve.

Praise for ROAR:
“Chris Mahai has written a book that draws people in with great stories, great analogies, and great questions. I can see it being used to start conversations within teams and encourage executives to step back and think of their businesses within the frameworks she presents.”
— Cameron Hay, Executive in Residence at Communitech and former CEO, Unitron Hearing

ROAR is a breath of fresh air in the  business book world. It is full of great interviews and deep insights that will certainly impact your business if you let them. This all from Aveus. They are experts in change management . From their site:

Your challenge may be resetting a brand, product or business strategy. It may be time to assess, clearly define and then operationalize a target experience for your customers. Or, you may feel trapped, knowing your direction is clear but the performance chain that transforms demand to cash for your organization is not generating the results you need and deserve.

In our consulting engagements, we help you create clarity about your challenge and options, make smart decisions, and then operationalize change in a way that is owned by those who must make the change sustainable.