Who We Are?
Icebreaker Consulting was conceived to fill a gap in the social media marketing space. Many marketing agencies offer creative uses of social media tools but few have a formal or solid background in business operations or goals. We combine MBA, Ph.D, corporate, and social marketing experiences to deliver solid strategies, lasting ROI, data-driven insight and effective training.
Our Goal
We connect your mission and vision with your digital presence. You can get a positive ROI from your web presence if your strategy is correctly aligned with your business goals.
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Meet Our Team Leaders
Aaron Mandelbaum

CEO / Founder

Aaron has combined his training in business strategy, philosophy and digital marketing to offer a unique perspective for modern executives.  He is an international speaker and is committed to generating new possibilities for clients and the world. He holds an MBA in strategic management and a BA in philosophy.

Brian Toomey

SEO Scientist

Brian Toomey is an expert in search optimization and data analytics who has driven sales at a high ROI across a wide range of verticals. He brings an academic background in psychology and statistics to his work, and has a passion for data driven decisions.

Dr. Jess Spate

Data Analyst

Dr Jess Spate has both a sound theoretical background (including a PhD in Data Mining) and more years of experience in eCommerce and SEO than she cares to count in public. She spends most of her time in keyword research, conversion rate optimization, reporting, technical audits, or in Google Analytics.

Rick Sorkin

Dir. Influencer Activation

Rick Sorkin is a leading media consultant, whose expertise sits at the intersection of digital & entertainment. As a social media strategist for the world’s premier brands, entertainers, and entertainment properties, Rick has ideated, executed, managed and monetized global campaigns that have reached billions of people, and produced measurable results.