7 Ways To Be More Engaging on Twitter

Twitter is a crucial part of many social media strategies and can be very effective when used correctly. Twitter has many nuances and colloquialisms that marketers must learn to be effective. This infographic from American Express will help with that process. No matter how many followers you have these tips will help you and your brand. Click for a larger version.

Twitter Engagement TIps


  1. Be the first to break the news- Beyond anything else, Twitter is a great news service… Depending on who you follow. Twitter can be a great place to break news about announcements, contests, promotions and more.
  2. Promote others- Your fans are loyal and deserve a mention once in a while too. Highlight your most engaged fans so they know you’re listening and appreciate them.
  3. Add personality- You don’t have to be all business all the time. You’re allowed to be human and to inject personality. A hollow and lifeless business only looks more hollow and lifeless online. Use Twitter to connect your people with your fans.
  4. Ask for a retweet- You’ll be surprised how effective asking can be. It is not wrong or strange to ask people to share your content. It works and is valuable.
  5. Schedule tweets- Social media takes a lot of time. If you can schedule posts in advance you should. There are some risks here if you post something that seems out of date or insensitive. This often happens when other news breaks before your scheduled tweet goes live. Check your queue to be sure posts are still relevant.
  6. Connect people- There are so many valuable Twitter users online. Use your power to make new connections.
  7. Leave room in your tweets- When someone re-tweets you, their tweet will start with “RT @icebreakerstrat” (or whatever your handle is) followed by your message. Make sure your original tweets don’t use all 140 characters so the person retweeting you has room to add their own message.

This list goes beyond the basics so make sure you are up to date with those first. Post often, honestly and make sure you make time to listen as well.