7 Habits of Highly Effective Social Marketers

New technologies and platforms for communications have always been buzz worthy creating a sense of urgency to adopt everything now, now, now. However, before jumping on the bandwagon, successful Social Marketers will take a step back and ask the fundamental question of ‘Is this right for my target market’.  Once answered, they apply rigorous thinking these 7 Habits to create a successful campaign.

  1.      Brand, Brand, Brand – It all starts with defining, and, articulating your brand identity both visually & verbally.  Only then, can you extend your brand to social media channels by communicating  with clarity & consistency
  2.      Know your target – Define your user base on social media; who are they, what information do they consume, and most importantly how
  3.      Setting Objectives – What do you want to communicate to your target market; what do you want them to do with the information you provide. Remember you want BRAND ADVOCATES
  4.      Develop Tactics for communicating – Start with sorting out the hygiene factors i.e. the basic information on about the company on all your channels. Then, create tactics based on your user’s needs from content strategies to promotional campaigns
  5.      Set Metrics  – from monitoring what users are saying,  to,  your company’s response time on actively engaging in a dialogue
  6.      Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate – If you don’t measure performance consistently, you can’t manage your brand reputation on line, which can affect your organization significantly
  7.      Improve – After a thorough analysis of your social media efforts, implement the necessary changes from hiring the right people, to building strong BRAND ADVOCATES
Featured Image courtesy of Flickr user Dee’lite