5 Reasons Not To Advertise on SnapChat

You may have heard that SnapChat has started selling advertising space last fall. So far companies such as McDonalds, Samsung, Macy’s, and EA have all jumped on board. You may be interested in buying an ad but why buy one instead of building a presence like any other network? If you’re on the fence, here are five reasons not to buy these ads:

  1. They are expensive- SnapChat is charging $750,000 for a day of ads. Instead you could buy the YouTube masthead for $500,000.
  2. The ad disappears- As is the nature with the platform, your ad is seen then disappears. That means it has to be impactful. If there is a link it better be memorable.
  3. There are no/limited analytics. According to agencies in the know, advertisers won’t even know the age or sex of their audience.
  4. Do you really need 2 more? Did you read those first three?
  5. Number 5 is here because we promised you 5 reasons. Which of the above was the most compelling?

Millward Brown posted a press release about how they are starting to measure the impact of these impressions. They say, “Snapchat’s first six advertising  campaigns had a significant positive impact on key brand metrics including ad awareness.”

The expectation is that the ads will be more affordable as they open the platform up to smaller companies. SnapChat currently has 100MM monthly users. As they build an analytics platform for advertisers we expect to get more infor about their audience as well. For now, start building an audience and spend the $750k on developing great content (or hiring a social media strategist :)

Photo courtesy of Flickr user pestoverde