5 Google Tips for Smarter Searching- Infographic

Here is a quick infographic with handy Google tips. These tips will enhance your search capabilities and hopefully, the results you get!

How to google


  1. Add the site you want to search on. If you add “site:url.com” before your term, that search will only look on that site not the entire web. Here is a great example: site:icebreakerconsulting.com google
  2. ~ Tilde. If you add a tilde before a term you want to search Google will search for relative terms as well. For instance, if you search “4th of July ~dessert recipes” you will get dessert, candy, and other treats as well
  3. By adding a search term in quotation marks you will get results for that exact phrase. Searching for Alexander Bell returns 71,300,000 results but if you do the same search with the quotation marks, you only get 588,000.
  4. You can add a – followed by a term to exclude it from the search. This is great for recipe searches. Try searching “dinner recipes” and “dinner recipes -cheese -milk
  5. Separate numbers by an ellipses and you will get results in that time or value range. This works for prices (iPhone $100…$200) and for dates (Facebook 2006…2010).

A list of these Google tips and dozens more is updated as new ones are developed. These are important to know as you create Google Alerts for yourself and your business. Successful search strategies will help save time and make efficient use of your time. Have any other great tips? Please post some in the comments!

via BuzzFeed