2013 eCommerce Stats

2013 is in the books. Ecommerce stats from 2013 show strong growth and offer powerful tips for anyone in the space. We will have to wait for the Internet Retailer Conference in June to get the newest 500 guide but here are some quick 2013 ecommerce stats that you’ll appreciate:


  • $182B in mobile payments in 2013- This includes in-app purchases, PayPal, and traditional ecommerce payment via mobile devices. Is your site optimized for mobile?
  • Mobile Spending increased 55% from 2012

Social Media in 2013:

  • Social media grew again in 2013 even with some of the smaller and newer networks.
  • Total Facebook likes for retailers in 2013: 603MM up 39.2%
  • Total Twitter followers for retailers in 2013: 59.5MM up 63.1%
  • Total Pinterest Followers for retailers in 2013: 22.4MM up 222%
  • Total YouTube Views for retailers in 2013: 29MM up 44.8%

New Social Networks:

  • The Social Media 500 Guide ranks e-retail’s leaders in social media marketing and commerce.
  • Google+: 81.4% of the Social Media 500
  • Instagram: 72.4% of the Social Media 500
  • Vine: 38.2% of the Social Media 500
  • Tumblr: 24.8% of the Social Media 500

% of Retailers Using Product Sharing Buttons:

  • Facebook: 74.3% up from 62.6%
  • Twitter: 70.8 up from 66%
  • Pinterest: 66.4% up from 55.3%

 Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber-Monday:

  • Spending from desktop computers reached $766M for Thanksgiving Day 2013, up 21% year over year.
  • Spending from desktop computers reached $1.2B on Black Friday 2013, up 15% year over year.
  • $2.29 Billion was spent on Cyber-Monday a 15.7% increase. This was the first time ecommerce passed $2B on a single day.
  • Social Media drove $148MM between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.
  • 84.9M Americans accessed Amazon in November 2013, for an average of 45 minutes.